Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Thistle do nicely

I mentioned the other day that on occasions we have to disturb the peace by using machinery like strimmers to clear overgrown footpaths. But sometimes "old technology" is the way to go. For instance, this morning, Laura, John, Dave and I were undertaking a little thistle thwacking with a hand tool call a brashel basher. Now the reason why we are thwacking thistles is not just to deal with any stress and aggression that has built up over the week, but to control creeping thistles that are attempting to take over our wild flower rich grasslands. Brashel bashers are the perfect tool for this job, they are shaped a bit like a golf club and have a blade on both sides so that they cut on the fore and backhand stroke with minimal effort, and only take out the plants to are aiming to cut not everything around it to. With the added bonus that without the engine noise we don't disturb your peace, and we can enjoy the sounds of the countryside too.

Here's a shot of Dave modelling a brashel basher, his favourite tool!


  1. Never got the hang of a scythe; sickle, yes, scythe? Ankles beware!

  2. Ah, but this is neither and you use the side-to-side swinging action like a golf is a pleasure to use, and makes thistle thwaching a bit addictive quite frankly!