Friday, 23 July 2010

A lovely day at the seaside

Undertook a beach clean of Linkim Shore with the National Trust for Scotland Conservation Volunteers Lothian Group. This group of hardy volunteers visit Trust properties at the weekend and undertake a variety of conservation tasks. This week saw them visit The Marine Reserve for a spot of beach cleaning and beach litter surveying at Linkim Shore.

The beach litter survey is part of the Marine Conservation Society Adopt-a-Beach project. The Marine Reserve 'adopted' Linkim Shore in 2002, and since then have carried out quarterly clean ups of the beach and counted every piece of litter collected! The results are then sent off to the Marine Conservation Society who analyse the data. They use this information to find out where the litter is coming from and in what quantities, and try to tackle the problem at source.

The most common type of litter found was made of plastic, and the most unusual item found was a vacuum cleaner. The day ended with a stone skimming session on Milldown Beach, and an ice cream from the beach cafe on Coldingham Sands - so all in all a pretty successful day at the beach!


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