Monday, 19 July 2010

Berwick High School lends a hand

Today we had a group of nine students from Berwick High School here to carry out some work towards their John Muir Awards. In the morning they went out with Liza to learn all about how and why we carry out seabird productivity surveys. They used binoculars and telescopes to map out the kittiwake nests on a section of cliff and then recorded the number of chicks present.

In the afternoon we did some thistle bashing! There are a few types of thistle that grow on St. Abb's Head but creeping thistles (see photo) cause problems if we let them grow unchecked. They grow very aggressively and can take over large areas of grassland, outcompeting other plants. The students from Berwick High School helped us to clear a large area of thistles helping to keep St. Abb's Head in tip top condition.

Thanks guys!


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