Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Footpath Update

Well, those of you who are regulars to the property will already have experienced the fruits of the footpath contractors' labours. They have finished their 2 week stint at the seaside now and have gone back into to them there hills. But what a difference they have made. The three areas they worked on: the Wuddy Slope; up above Clafferts Rock and the footpath descending from behind the lighthouse to the disabled parking area; are all now a pleasure to walk on. I think the area at the lighthouse is probably the section that I am most pleased with. You really had to be part mountain goat to navigate that area happily before the work was done, but now Gus and his team have worked their magic I don't think anyone will have a problem with it (see picture top right). And come the spring, when the vegetation starts growing again, then the new turfs will start to grow into place and all the old scars will heal over.

And there is more news on the footpath front too. The Trust has an in-house footpath team, who work mostly in Glencoe, on Ben Lawers and Goatfell on Arran. They have a week to spare in late February and so they will be coming to do some work at St Abbs too. They will be concentrating on the area above Starney Bay where the path is in need of some surfacing and drainage. If they have time, I will ask them to do a bit of owrk around the Mire Loch area too.
All this work has been possible through funding from Scottish Natural Heritage.

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