Friday, 7 January 2011

Footpath Update

Work on the Wuddy Steps is progressing pretty well (picture left). They have one problem though - the ground is very frozen, just what they came down from the mountains to avoid! This makes is difficult when trying to utilise topsoil to surface the path as it will not pack down as tight as usual. Plus, it means that the turfs that are used to help the works blend into the landscape are not packing down very well either. I have told the contractors that it is not usual for us here at the seaside, but that doesn't help them much!

Nevertheless, they are still hoping to finish the Wuddy Slope section by the middle of next week and move on up to the lighthouse from there. The guys tell me that they are getting a few regulars passing by each day, but were bemoaning that no-one had brought them any cakes. So, if you are a keen baker and fancy a walk, you know where to go!

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