Wednesday, 5 January 2011

First Footing?

We are starting the New Year with getting some footpath repairs done on the worst areas on the coast path. Work started at the Wuddy Steps yesterday with the four man team, led by Angus Turner, spending the whole day transporting a stockpile of suitable stones up from the beach at Burnmouth Harbour - no mean feat when you see the size of the stones that they are using (picture right - double click on the image and you can enlarge it)!

Those of you who are regulars on the property will know the Wuddy Steps well as they are so eroded that they seem to have been designed for use by giants! Consequently, they are so uncomfortable to use that most people don't bother, they pick their own route, which has resulted in the path getting very braided ie lots of different paths being formed. This is not only a bit of an eyesore, but also causes damage to our wildflower-rich grasslands.

We are using a technique called pitching, which is not quite cobbling, and not quite steps but where stone is dug into the ground to form an and easy to walk on yet erosion resistant surface. This technique is usually used for upland footpaths, and is very specialised work, so we have engaged Angus and his team, who are specialist upland footpath contractors to carry it out. We are also re -routing the path very slightly to take some of the gradient out of it. The lady in red in the picture to the left is demonstrating very nicely where the path should (and will) be!
Obviously, there will be a bit of a disruption to access to this area of the coast path whislt they are working, but you will be able to get past them, and feel free to ask questions, they will be happy to answer you. They will only be working on this area for about a week, then they will move up to do a couple of areas near the lighthouse. I will keep you posted on their progress.

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