Friday, 12 May 2017

Up on the cliffs this morning checking out the seabirds. I haven't spotted our first kittiwake egg yet, but there's certainly lots going on up there. As it wasn't too windy, I took a few short videos with my camera just to give you the gist. Please excuse the camera shake! Liza.

The kittiwakes are busy nest building.  They collect mud and grass from wet flush areas on the sea braes, and take this back to the nest site (being guarded by their partner) a beak full at a time.  We have had hardly any rain since the start of April (just 16.5mm to be precise) so there is a bit of a shortage of wet flushes.  Let's hope this doesn't effect their breeding success.

Some kittiwakes are lucky enough to secure nest sites where there is the remains of a nest from previous years that just needs adding to.  But some have to start virtually from scratch.  One bird brings back the nesting material, and then the other stamps it into place and then shapes it into a cup shape by pressing its chest against the edges.  Its mucky work as you can see!

There are not so many gannets on and around Foul Carr now - but a few remain sitting on the stack and there are still a number prospecting, as you can see.  We are waiting with baited breath to see if any of them start bringing in nesting material (one pair did last year, but nothing came of it).

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