Thursday, 11 May 2017

A group of students from Eyemouth High School came and had a session with our Archaeologist, Daniel Rhodes, at the Ebba Centre yesterday as part of the the School Enrichment Programme that we here at St Abb's Head are taking part in. They were dicsovering what archaeology is all about, and why its important, and got to try out some hands on activities themselves. Next week, Daniel will take them out and about on the reserve to discover more on the ground. Liza.

Bob, the skeleton, helped the kids discover more about the detective work required when discovering archaeological finds.
The amazing uses that a deer carcass can be put to - nothing wasted!
Pottery analysis - the kids had a go at taking all the measurements that are needed to try and work out the age and uses of shards of pottery found in digs.
Learning about how looking at maps going back through the ages can tell you a lots about the history of an area.

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