Wednesday, 25 January 2017

St Abbs has had great media coverage in the last week or so.

A piece about breeding seals on NTS land up at Lumsdaine on ITV Border Life on Friday 20th (the bit about us starts at c 12 mins 30 secs, although the rest of the programme is interesting too!).

Then there is BBC Radio Scotland's Out Of Doors, a programme that was due to be aired on the 14th Jan but ended up being aired on the 21st, so kind of back to back with the TV piece.  Myself and Sarah Russell from St Abbs & Eyemouth Voluntary Marine Reserve talk about what makes the area such a fantastic place to enjoy being Out of Door (starts at about 20 mins); David Wilson and Paul Crowe talk about St Abbs Independent Lifeboat (about 36 mins); and Jim Evans talks about the 125 Memorial Sculpture in Eyemouth commemorating the Black Friday fishing disaster (at about 64 mins).  There's also an interesting piece on harbour porpoises at about 49 mins.

Why not check them out?  Liza.

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