Tuesday, 28 June 2016

There has been a project going on for a number of years now, putting colour rings on shags in the Firth of Forth. This is to make the individual birds recognisable from afar by the colour of the ring and the three letter code on it. Such projects help to uncover more information about the brirds breeding biology. When me and Lizy were out on our boat monitoring our seabirds from the sea the other day, we spotted these two colour ringed birds. When we got back to dry land ...I contacted colleagues from the Centre of Ecology and Hryrology on the Isle of May to report our sightings. Just found out this morning that the bird with the green ring was ringed as a chick on Fidra in July 2013, and has also been spotted in Berwick; and the one with the red ring was ringed on Inchmickery in June 2014. No doubt they are prospecting for nest sites. Just goes to show that everything is interlinked. Liza.

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