Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Last week we had a report from a visitor who thought they had seen Piri piri burr on the reserve. When I went to check it out I found that unfortunately they were right. This is an invasive plant from New Zealand which is incredibly good at reproducing. It produces lots of little burrs which attach to clothing and the coats of animals and so get spread around this way, and it also spreads by means of runners, like strawberries. After taking advice from our neighbours down... on Lindisfarne National Nature Reserve (who have been fighting the good fight against piri piri for a number of years), yesterday I went out and dug it out, bringing every bit of the plant back in sealed plastic bags. We will keep a wary eye on the area to make sure that it does't come back. Thanks to our eagle eyed visitor, I hope we have stopped it in its tracks. But please do let us know if you think you spot some anywhere else on the reserve. Thanks. Liza.

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