Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Unusual goings on up at Foul Bay at the moment. Last week Lizy and Jill noticed that some gannets had settled down on Foul Carr (or Muckle Jock, as its known locally) - the biggest stack in Foul Bay. Gannets don't breed at St Abb's Head, and never have (even thought the largest gannet colony in the world is just up the coast at Bass Rock). Gannets have been seen on Foul Carr before, back in 2007 when a number of birds settled on there in early and late June and appeared to be fishing close inshore. Jill noticed yesterday that there appeared to be some nesting material present, so are some birds attempting to build a nest? Lots of gannets around the stack again today, with a number sitting on the stack too. Watch this space - we certainly will be! Liza.

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