Sunday, 29 May 2016

Strimming season has officially started here at St Abb’s Head, and we try hard to keep up with the growth of the grass and keep the paths clear throughout the summer.  Unfortunately things have not gone to plan so far!  While cutting the path between the Nature Centre and Starney Bay I was unfortunate enough to strim through some dog poo which was hidden in the vegetation.  The results were not pleasant!  And this was despite me having already checked and picked up several pieces of decomposing poo which were hidden in the vegetation.  And to add insult to injury there was a dog waste bin just seconds away from the scene of the crime!  Please, if you are walking your dog do pick up after them, just because it isn’t lying right in the middle of the path doesn’t mean that it isn’t a health hazard to other people.  Lizy
Freshly strimmed path leading to Starney Bay

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