Friday, 18 November 2011

A picture is worth a thousand words

Well I think the picture above just about says it all! It was taken at an on Tuesday where pupils from Coldingham and Eyemouth Primary schools, got together with Eyemouth Fisherman's Choir and Mission Crew; a small ensemble from the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, and composer, Howard Moody, to share music inspired by St Abb's Head. This was the culmination of the first 6 months of the Trust's pARTicipate project at St Abbs (mentioned several times before in this blog). The event wasn't a performance as such, rather a sharing of the music with each other and a few selected folk who had been involved in the project, and, of course, some proud parents!

There were two sharing events, one at Eyemouth Primary School and one in St Abbs Visitor Centre. Both were excellent, but the latter, being in a much more intimate venue with great acoustics, was particularly moving. Luckily there were media students there from Stevenson's College in Edinburgh filming the occasion, with a view to putting a piece about it on the web to allow others to share the enjoyment too.

This project will now go into hibernation for a while, well for most of us, whilst Howard beavers away composing his big St Abbs Suite (a working title only) that will be performed at the SCO's South of Scotland tour next May. The world premiere will be in Duns - watch this space for more details. Below are a couple more pictures for your delectation!

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