Wednesday, 15 June 2011

New toys!

I have been out testing out a new toy...I mean, piece of equipment... that I bought with a donation we received from the Edinburgh Members' Centre - a digiscoping kit. This is basically a telescope (which we needed anyway for our seabird monitoring), a compact digital camera (which is always handy) and the wherewithall for attaching the two together so that we can take pictures down the scope. A little overcast, which was not brilliant as the more you magnify, the more light you need but I think the results were pretty good too for a first outing (see above).

Also, when we took our small inflatable boat onto the water the other day we discovered that the transom (the board at the back that the outboard attaches to) was rotten and bowing under the strain of the weight of the outboard. However, we have been kindly offered a small (3.6m) RIB on permanent loan, the opnly problem is that we do not have a trailer or an outboard. So this is a request to see if there is anyone out there who has a suitable trailer and/or outboard (min 15hp, max 25 hp 2 stroke) that we can borrow. If so, maybe you cou;d let us know as soon as possible as we would like to get out and finish counting our seabirds from the sea!


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