Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The joint is jumping!

So, I was out last night and there were a few guillemot chicks jumping so that's the beginning of the end of this year's seabird breeding season. If you want to experience the jumping then I would suggest coming and checking it out in the next few days at dusk.


  1. Amazing day in the sun today - hurrah for summer! 4 NBArgus and 3 C Blues. Also, Red A. fighting over territories. Given that the bare patches of sunny hillside had no foodplants in for ad or larvae, are these some kind of leks? Or just sunning sites?

    Also, did one hours recording of freq. of imm. in parties of outward and inward (N and S) parties of gannets. Mode = one per group. Where do the imm. hang out when the others return to nests? Is there a 'non-breeders' zone on the rock? Also single puffin and raven. GOldcrest feeding young nr visitor centre. Loads of linnets. And as for the great swathes of gargling gullimots and razorbills....! Awesome.

  2. Sounds like you had a great day, Tim, thanks for letting us know! Liza.