Sunday, 15 May 2011

Looking at St Abb's Head through rose coloured specs!

St Abb's Head is covered in a pink haze at the moment which is due to the amount of thrift that is in flower. And what is really lovely is that the sea of pink is not restricted to the cliffs, it extends a bit inland as well so you get the rather surreal experience of seeing a carpet of sea pinks stretching down to the Mire Loch (pictured above), which is freshwater! Also on the cliff tops you can see the other common maritime specialist, sea campion, as well as the splashes of yellow bird's-foot-trefoil, and a handful of early purple orchids. But the very special plant to look out for on the cliff tops is the somewhat diminutive purple milk vetch, which is just coming into flower now. It may be small, but its perfectly formed (see below) and is a nationally scarce plant and we have the best populations of it in Berwickshire.

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