Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Chicks all over!

I have been out surveying the seabirds all day and can proudly announce that we now have chicks under all our species except for our fulmars, which always breed much later than any of the others. Today I saw my first razorbill and kittiwake chicks, which are again about a week earlier than usual, and last week we had our first herring gull chicks. So if you want to come up and see the seabirds here at St Abbs, now is a great time, but don't leave it too long as the first guillemot chicks could be jumping from the cliffs in about a week, and I would guess that by two weeks time the vast majority of our guillemots will have gone. There will still be plenty of other seabirds about but when you remove 30,000 plus, it makes a big difference to the seabird experience!

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