Monday, 20 September 2010

A road less travelled?

There have been strange goings on at the Reserve today - traffic congestion! Sometimes we do have problems with cattle or sheep jams, but never before have we had traffic jams! And its all down with the lighthouse road being closed to traffic whilst it undergoes repairs.

Earlier in the year an oil tanker, which was delivering fuel oil to the cottages at the lighthouse, managed to drop its wheels off the edge of the road. Luckily the fence prevented the tanker from ending up in the Mire Loch below (picture top left), and no one was hurt, but unfortunately the edge of the tarmac and the road embankment were damaged (picture bottom left). The road was safe for everyday vehicles to use, but access for wide vehicles (those over 2m axel width) has had to be restricted until the road is repaired. Obviously as long as no-one's safety was in jeopardy it would have been crazy to try and carry out the repairs during the busy summer months, but now visitor numbers have dropped off the time has come.

It is quite a major job to repair the road, a 40 m long section of the embankement has had to be excavated so that it can be shored up with stone and soil, the tarmac will then have to be repaired and the fence put back up again. All this is estimated to take about 3 days, and we are asking visitors and locals alike to please bear with us.

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