Friday, 17 September 2010

Rescue Rangers!

The other day I had a visit from two volunteers from the Berwick Swan and Wildlife Trust. About a month ago they had rescued three gannets from a beach. They were all very young, all in their second year probably, and uninjured but they were exhausted and needed a little TLC. The gannets have been cared for by volunteers since the rescue and on Tuesday John and Dean brought them to St. Abb's Head to release them.

Gannets don't actually breed here but they pass by in great numbers to and fro
m the Bass Rock off the coast of North Berwick. The Head is an ideal place to release them because it is accessible and high, making it easier for them to take off. The two gannets (sadly the third one didn't survive) were released up by the lighthouse. The first one made an immediate dash for freedom and soared off into the air, the second one needed a bit more time but eventually flew off out to sea as well.

If you would like anymore information about the Berwick Swan and Wildlife Trust you can visit their website


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