Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Today we had our start of season meeting/staff training day. Each year we pick a different site to visit, and to learn from. This year we decided to visit our neighbouring NTS property, Preston Mill, near East Linton. The weather was gorgeous and Andrew Mackay, the Senior Assistant there, very kindly took time out of his preparations for opening to the public on May 1st, to give us a guided tour. What a really fascinating wee building. We also took a stroll along to see Phantassie Doocot just along the way. Then a bite to eat at Tyningham Smiddy, and a walk to Tyningham Beach - all in all a great day out. Liza.
Andrew telling us all about the wonky drying room behind him. I don't actually remember it being as wonky as this, and so I was wondering at first if I had just taken the picture at an angle. But the team all seem to be standing upright - so it must be right!

Learning more about the ins and outs of regulating water flow to regulate the speed that the wheel turns at.

Set in splendid countryside too.
Phantassie doocot, another of our historic buildings, just a short walk along from the mill.
Margaret has a bad knee, so Bill, Zander and Lizy give her a bit of a hand to get up this sand dune from Tyningham Beach! Well, it was a team building day!

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