Monday, 6 March 2017

Last week Lizy, Ed and I were working down at the Mire Dam. Whilst Ed and I carried out repairs to the fence, Lizy offloaded a trailer full of surfacing material for footpath repairs and tidied up the pipe and sandbags that we had used to siphon the water level down with. As you will see, I donned my dry suit yet again and Ed was sporting chest waders to get the fence repaired. It was a tad chilly in the water - 5 degrees according to the thermometer, and so its taking me a while to get my core body temperature back up to normal. In fact, I'm sat at my desk wrapped in a blanket! It was worth is though, the fence is now stock proof and looks much neater than it did this time last year when it was very much a ramshackle affair after a number of years of temporary repairs. Liza.

Last year's Assistant Ranger, Jill, showing off the temporary repairs carried out by her and Lizy after the fence had been taken down to let machinery through to carry out repairs on the dam.
Its a glamorous job, being a ranger - me and Ed showing off the latest in underwater ranger garb!
Out of the water now - whilst I sought warmth in the truck, Ed and Lizy put the finishing touches to the fence. Its now a much neater affair and should see me till my retirement, I hope!

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