Wednesday, 22 February 2017

I was out and about again this morning with Dan, our regional archaeologist and some of our volunteers. Storm Doris made it impossible for us to continue with our topographical survey of Nunnery Point, so we went down to the Boat House at the Mire Loch and surveyed that instead. Today we were working on a hand drawn plan of the building as well as using the electronic theodolite. It was beautiful down there, blue sky, sun and we were pretty sheltered from the wind in the woods there. Here's some photos to give you the gist. Liza.

Dan explains to Bill the finer details of how to do a hand drawn plan of the building.

Painstaking work, Bill is a retired engineer, so he's used to working to such a level of detail.

Ernie and Margaret using the theodolite - a serious business it seems.

Well maybe not serious all the time!

All though this picture looks posed, it wasn't, I just managed to catch everyone in action in one shot! Left to right - Ernie, Margaret, Dan, Bill, Ed and Jean.

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