Tuesday, 9 August 2016

As the seabird breeding season draws to an end, its starting to get quite quiet up on the cliffs. There are still a few juvenile kittiwakes about, looking very smart with their black neck rings and wing stripes. Also, if you look carefully you may see balls of grey fluff hunkered down on out of the way ledges - these will be fulmar chicks, which still have some way to go before leaving. Then down on the rocks by the water's edge you will see groups of junvenile shags sitting around. The very apt collective noun for a group of shags is a hangout, I understand! Liza.

Very smart juvenile kittiwakes, although they are large enough to fly and be independent, you might still see them trying their luck and begging for food from a parent.

You remember mini-me from a few weeks ago? Well, its not so mini compared to its parent now, but will still be about on the cliffs for a couple of weeks yet before its ready to leave.

Shags, hanging out!

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