Friday, 29 April 2016

What's up with the weather? Sun and no wind yesterday morning, snow yesterday evening and today its blowing a hoolie. The seabirds are just beginning to settle on the cliffs - shags and herring gulls on eggs, and a few guillemots too. But when the going gets tough, like today, if the seabirds are not committed to staying on the cliffs (like, they have eggs or chicks) they will head out to see. So the cliffs are a tad more sparsely pupulated today than yesterday. And who can blame them, when you see what the wind is doing to the waterfall at Westerside Dean, west of Petticowick. It looks like it stops halfway down the cliff, but actually what is happeing is that the wind is blowing the water round in a circle and back on itself. Notice the white cloud just abouve the burn? Thats the water thats been blown back up! Liza.

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