Friday, 17 April 2015

Spring has arrived, and with it a new Assistant Ranger

Hello, my name is Charlotte and I’ve just arrived at the beautiful St Abb’s Head to be the volunteer Assistant Ranger over the next six months. Before the end of March I had never been to the Scottish Borders (my interview was on Skype), so I was absolutely blown away by the reserve on my first walk around. I am really looking forward to the season ahead; there is so much wildlife here!

I have regularly seen hares in the fields around the cottage, there has even been one in the garden. They’ve become a bit of a favourite photo subject for me over the last few weeks; some of my best shots are below. I get to watch great spotted woodpeckers, nuthatches and all manner of birds visiting the bird feeders in the garden and there is a rookery in the trees by the office.

The sea birds have really been arriving on the cliffs over the last couple of weeks. There are huge numbers of guillemots with the odd razorbill hanging around the edges. There are shags and kittiwakes sat on nests and I even saw a stoat at the lighthouse. Looking out to sea, there are rafts of guillemots and razorbills on the water, groups of gannets flying the v-formation and I was even able to watch two dolphins on Friday.

My main task over the next few months will be studying the productivity of the guillemots and razorbills. So I will be fortunate enough to be spending most of my time up on the cliffs watching them.  So if you see me about give me a wave and I’m always happy to chat about the sea birds if you’ve got any questions.

Spring has sprung, I hope you all get a chance to get out there and enjoy it!


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