Thursday, 12 July 2012

Through the eyes of another...

A couple of weeks ago Becky Riseborough spent a week volunteering on the reserve.  During her time with us she spent part of her time shadowing us and also helping us with tasks like bracken bashing, thistle thwacking, producing children's activity sheets for the Nature Centre and producing a guide to the sea slugs to be found in the Marine Reserve. Plus, knowing that she takes fantastic photographs, I asked her to takes some shots to illustrate her time with us.  There's no real facility to upload them all onto the blog here (at least that I am aware of), but check them out on our Facebook page.  This link should allow you to access the images even if you are not signed up to Facebook: . Or you could check out some of her images which are on display in the Nature Centre (although they have lost some of their luminocity in printing).
Becky also wrote these words to go with her images: "These photographs were taken as part of my week spent volunteering up at St. Abb’s Head. Whilst there I learnt a great deal, from the nesting habits of guillemots and shags, to flower preference of an array of butterfly species. I took these photos to reflect the vast beauty that can be found around the reserve. It is not often that I find myself in the situation that allows the time to stand back and truly appreciate the unspoiled environment that can be found around our area. My week as a volunteer on the reserve has changed my perceptions of the natural world and taught me to really appreciate even the smallest of detail. I share these photos with the mind that everybody can experience and appreciate the minute, cherished details that we so often take for granted."


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