Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Sightings of furry things...

Our regular volunteer, Dave, has been spending more time on the reserve this week and will continue to do so in the coming months. He is taking a photographic course this year, and the culmination of the course is a project on a favourite place, and Dave has chosen St Abb's Head. Because he wants to make sure that he literally sees the area in a different light, he is camping out in a small building up behind the lighthouse which we call the lookout (although it doesn't really have the windows in the right place to look out on much of interest!). This means he can be on site for sunset and sunrise and anything else in between.

He has not been terribly lucky with spectacular dawns and dusks, but he has seen a fair amount of wildlife during his travels around the reserve, including a stoat in ermine on the footpath to the west of the Mire Loch. Sadly, it was too quick for him to get a shot of it, but above is a shot that fits his description of a white body with a dark face.

Now the lookout is not the most salubrious of accommodation. In fact, it is basically a small stone box, measuring about 10 foot by 6 foot, and somewhat damp and draughty with it. But Dave is a rufty tufty ex-forces man, so he can hack it as you can see form the photo right!

We look forward to seeing the fruits of his labours in May, as well as learning more SAS survival tips from him!

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